Buzzy® Helps for Allergies

For Injections

Photo credit: Allergy and Asthma Group

For allergy injections, or arm intradermal testing, place Buzzy® directly on the site for 30-60 seconds, then “between the brain and the pain” during the needle placement and medication administration.  For subcutaneous placement on the back side of the arm, place Buzzy®as shown in this picture, then slide Buzzy® toward the armpit/head during the shot itself.

The Buzzy® is left in place for 30-60 seconds prior to a subcutaneous (SQ) injection

Video of Buzzy® in use for allergy injections here.
Explanation of use of Buzzy® at Texas Children’s Allergy and Immunology clinic here.

For Allergy Testing
  • Research: Troger, A. Robinson H et al. Helping Children Cope with Discomfort Associated with Skin Prick Testing in a Pediatric Setting: A Quality Improvement Report. J Allergy Clin Immunol 133 (2) 2014:A “Buzzy® was shown to have the best comfort rating during the 15 minute wait.”

For testing, relieve itching by placing Buzzy® between the shoulder blades. The nerves come in laterally to the spine, then up the spine.  Offices report that placing Buzzy® at the top one dermatome above the highest itching was most effective. Itching travels on the same aDelta nerves as pain, so rubbing and cold have long been effective to reduce itching.
Typical experience using Buzzy® for scratch testing:
Itching was relieved after 7 seconds when Buzzy® was used with ice pack. Itching was relieved after 12 seconds when used with vibration alone. Buzzy® was more effective when pressed in place at the top of the spine, but was not as effective when simply lying on the back as in the picture. After removing Buzzy, the itching returned after 17 seconds following the buzzy-plus-ice wing trials, and after 13 seconds following the vibration only trials.
It has not been determined whether placing Buzzy® directly on a scratch test will alter the histamine response locally. However, vapocoolant (down to -20F) has been researched and has been found NOT to alter the reaction.

For anxious kids or adults, see our Pain Management page.


"My three small boys (ages 4, 5, 6) recently began allergy shots (three times per week, two shots each time). After a few sessions in the doctor's office, I was equipped to administer the shots at home. The first few weeks without Buzzy® were so stressful. The boys would plead with me to not give them shots, and the youngest always cried. Then, I found Buzzy. Today, the shots for two boys took less than 5 minutes, and as I held the Buzzy® on him, the littlest guy kept giggling saying, “This tickles!” He giggled even as I gave his shots. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My six year old said he couldn’t feel the first shot at all, and the second shot was painless (but he could feel it). He said he never wanted a shot without Buzzy® again." – Julie, posted on

"Buzzy® was awesome for my 3 year old’s allergy scratch tests. I put Buzzy® on his spine, and Buzzy® completely took away his urge to scratch himself, despite several very positive tests. His peanut test was stopped at 5 minutes when it was over 1 inch big, with a tail. It looked like a giant rat. Yay, Buzzy!" – Lindsay B.

"I have told a number of people, including staff, about Buzzy® and how successful shots have become for my son since acquiring him." – Julie C

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