Buzzy® Helps for Children

As of 2012, 63% of kids said they have a fear of needles. For many, this fear starts between the ages of 4-6 years old with a specific needle event. Sometimes kids have illnesses that make them need a lot of needle pokes. While THIS IS NOT FAIR, these kids grow a special skill for coping, gain inner strength, and have a secret club of other kids around the world with the same situation.When kids meet other kids who have a lot of medical procedures, they find they have a shared code, and understand each other like no one outside can. When kids learn how to be empowered about medical procedures, studies show they keep using the techniques they learn. Everybody hurts sometimes – being the boss of your pain is a great skill to learn early.

What Helps?

Our goal is to provide options and information about acute pain management, particularly needle procedures and use in the home. For needle phobia, blood glucose test pain, IV pain or immunization pain relief, read on!
These evidence based PDFs by Dr. Baxter can help as well:

7 Secrets for Shots
Advanced Needle Fear Solutions
Magic Tricks for Needle Sticks
Improving Infant Immunizations

Pain relief has become a major focus of medical professionals and children’s hospitals in recent years. While topical anesthetics have been around for decades and distraction has been proven to decrease children’s distress by about 50%, these methods haven’t been accessible to people who want to control pain themselves. We want to change that.

The concept is that controlling pain isn’t enough for children – Fear, Focus on the procedure, and Pain all contribute to the experience.

Used correctly, Buzzy decreases needle pain 50-80%. When added to DistrACTION, it can reduce pain 88%. DistrACTION® Cards alone have decreased pain more than playing with a kaleidoscope, blowing a balloon, or playing a singing cartoon game. When you bring Buzzy and engage in DistrACTION, studies show anxiety is also reduced. Addressing pain with a multimodal approach can make medical procedures no big deal!

Here are some specific resources for different situations:

How to help your child with JIA cope with procedures.


Comprehensive juvenile diabetes resources, from diet to meet ups to webinars.

Great book by Dr. Timothy Cuthbert emphasizes how the mind, body, and physical pain are linked.  Ages 8+

Kimberly Miller provides support to parents and caregivers of children with juvenile arthritis through helpful tips and guidance as a parent who has successfully navigated the challenges of raising two children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

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