Our Mission

• MMJ Labs seeks to reduce worldwide pain through inexpensive reusable products and research, and to become the market leader in effective non-invasive analgesia.
• It is MMJ Lab’s policy to preserve and improve patient health by consistently delivering high quality, safe and effective pain relief products, that meet or exceed customer expectations.
• We will develop further ways to use the Buzzy technology for pain relief, and research causes and relief of unnecessary needle pain and needle phobia.
• We want to operate in a sustainable and equitable corporate environment.


What does this look like? We are a team that reuses and recycles everything; we have moved production back to the US without raising the price on our basic Buzzy. Dr. Baxter keeps practicing medicine, and doing research, and lecturing on pain and pain management, and the team flexibly moves with her. We support community projects, global pain interventions, and donate to charities that each team member believes in. And we refuse to make Buzzy disposable. If we are successful, we will prove that pushing products solely for profit at the expense of people isn’t the only way to run a company. We are out to change the world!

Top 10 Tech innovators 2013 Top 10 Tech Innovators 2013

Awards: 1.1M NIH Fast Track SBIR 2009;
TechVenture Innovation, New Product 2010;
Medical Design Excellence Award 2011;
Georgia Top 10 Tech Innovators 2013;
GA Bio Top Innovation Award 2014;
Mission Small Business $250,000 1/2014

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