Buzzy® XL Personal - Striped Pinterest
  • 33% Larger than Buzzy® Mini
  • Features manual toggle switch
  • Ideal for longer procedures/aches and injuries



SKU Number: #BKT1

The Buzzy XL Personal is a versatile device that is recommended for all needle procedures. The XL is optimal for longer needle procedures such as IV starts and blood draws; it can also be used to relieve pain from aches and injuries. This design has a channel slot to secure the hands-free strap (included) or any disposable medical tourniquet for hands-free use.

Research shows that high frequency vibration can help healing, and putting cold on pain is as old as ice itself! The Buzzy XL Personal can be secured around aching knees, elbows, ankles and wrists. For lower back, neck and shoulder pain, the XL can be pressed in place by hand, tucked under clothing, or secured inside a waist band.

Complete Buzzy XL Personal Kit includes: 1 Buzzy XL Personal, 2 Universal Soft Ice Wings, 1 Hands-free Strap, 2 AAA Batteries and Instructions.

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